Employers Health Services

WellFast understands the importance of keeping your employees healthy and your health care costs low. With these goals in mind we have developed our Employers Health Services Program. From pre-employment physicals, to drug screening, and treatment of work-related injuries, we offer one source for all of your company’s medical needs. Our Program design can be customized according to client needs in order to eliminate unnecessary testing and reduce associated costs. We are open 7 days a week with extended hours of operation, on-site labs and digital x-rays, and company-specific corporate protocols ensure the timely processing of new employees as well as the efficient treatment of your injured workers. Contact us today to establish your corporate account or fill out the Employer Services Form and fax it to us. Our fax number is: 580-357-4201. Our dedicated Occupational Medicine department will take it from there. Consider us your partner, who makes your job easier. We follow the guidelines of ACOEM – the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Return to work status and any other communications or questions can be answered by speaking to one person.

What documents are required for a work-related injury patient?

  • Hard copy Authorization To Treat form (to be completed by employer and on site at clinic at the time of patient registration)
  • Employer Information form (to be completed by employer prior to patient registration)
  • Photo identification (all patients must present a valid picture ID at registration. Acceptable documents include:Driver’s license, military ID, or passport)
  • Completed Patient Registration form and Privacy Notice (may be completed at WellFast)

Work-Related Injuries

injured-workerInjuries on the job are a daily occurrence, taking place both during and outside of conventional business hours. Decreased lost time due to appropriate evaluation of injured workers is of paramount importance. Prompt care and disposition of your injured worker makes a significant difference in the way you may have to rearrange or replace employees in order to maintain the normal flow of your business. To assist in your planning we maintain an open line of communication to ensure the company’s awareness of the injured worker’s status. We also recognize the implications that absenteeism creates across the board; therefore, returning your employee to work as soon as possible without compromising safety at the job site is our priority. Our objective is to assist you in minimizing the impact of disruptions in your daily operations thus aiding in cost containment.